Rise of the Runelords

First Session: Part 2
Local Heroes!

With the goblins at the north gate either subdued or turned into a fine red mist courtesy of Beuriss’ musket, things begin to calm down in Sandpoint once again. The local noble who has just had his life saved,Aldern Foxglove , thanks his saviours and promises to make it up to them.

The chaos of the raid has put a significant damper on everybody’s mood and the festival prematurely comes to a close. Many of the townsfolk head back to their homes and try to forget the misfortune of the day. Beuriss is not a dwarf to call it a day when there is still work to be done however, and sets off towards the cathedral square to interrogate the goblins from the first part of the raid who were not slain.

It soon becomes clear that the captured goblins are either unwilling, or unable to give the sort of information that Bueriss wants, and he begins to beat the prisoners to the point of unconsciousness to get what he wants. (+1 Wrath points to Bueriss). The enhanced interrogation yields little more information, other than the raid was organized by “one of you longshanks!”(the goblin term for a humanoid taller than they are). Seeing that the interrogation is going nowhere, the party decides to return to The Rusty dragon for the night. They are greeted like returning celebrities when they arrive, with many people buying them drinks, and the owner,Ameiko Kaijitsu even offering them free room and board for a week thanks to their actions.

In the morning, the party splits up, with only a days worth of fun and games to bind them, they view one another as little more than new friends and acquaintances, and they all have their own lives to attend to.

Garridan goes to see if he can find a poultice to heal his rash caused by the goblin dog at The Pillbug’s Pantry , and finds the owner less than enthused by his upbeat attitude. He then also stops by Savah’s Armory to see if she can replace a broken haft on his weapon, where she is more than happy to repair the weapon free of charge for one of sandpoints newest local heroes.

Meanwhile Bueriss makes good on delivering a letter from his uncle to Daverin Hosk at The Goblin Squash stable. Daverin reveals that he and Bueriss’ uncle worked together to destroy the Bonecruncher goblin tribe back in his more youthful days. Indebted to memory Beuriss’ unlce, he gives him a fully wartrained heavy horse, with full tackling, and free stabling for life. Taking his new mount out for a roam around the walls, Bueriss sets off to investigate the walls,refusing to allow even a day’s rest for the sake of protecting the city.(+1Zeal Points). Discovering some hastily discarded ladders in the trench near the cemetery, he tries to contact the local Belor hemlock, the local sheriff, but he is so preoccupied with the aftermath of the raid that contacting him proves difficult.

Xenrell continues his research into the ancient and forgotten empire of Thassilon by visiting the local maps shop The Way north, only to find that nobody is there. Asking around town, it seems that this is a fairly common occurrence, and the owner can likely be found with his friend Ilsoari at the Turandarok Academy. Making his way there, Xenrell finds the two in a heated conversation about history. After agreeing to search for some maps regarding thassilon and other ancient doccuments, the gnome sets off once it becomes clear that Ilsoari intends to drag Xenrell off to the basement where the two spend an unreasonable amount of time talking about the trinkets and treasures of Ilsoari’s adventuring days. After being at the academy for entirely too long, Xenrell heads back to the Rusty Dragon. Being a local celebrity after beating back the goblins, the locals attempt to get to know him and is story, and he responds by regailing his long and proud family history to anybody willing to listen (+1 Pride point).

Ferrendriel decides that the he will spend his day checking up on his neighbors on the community. His neighbor Amelle Barett says that her son Aeren Barett has been having nightmares since the goblin raid and is hard to put to sleep. Ferrendriel is no different in getting the good treatment from the locals and quickly finds food from the local bakery Sandpoint Savories being hastily shoved into his hands.

The following morning,Aldern Foxglove gathers his rescuers and declares that they will go hunting in the tickwood for the biggest boar that they can find. The generous noble buys each of them a horse and tackle and they set off to the tickwood. On the way there, Foxglove grows increasingly obsessed with the party, and what characterists they share, in a hope to find what the essence of “being a hero” is. When he hears that Ferrendriels story is one of sorrow and redemption, foxglove begins to obsess more and more over the warpriest. They soon come to a clearing with a stone ruin.


The hunt itself is a brief affair, with the party outflanking and outmaneuvering the boar, eventually being scared out into the open by a fearson bestial roar from Xenrell’s ghost sound spell. The trip back to sandpoint is uneventfull, aside from foxglove continuing to forcefully pry into Ferendriels story. When they get back to the rusty dragon, Ameiko tells them that the preparation of the boar will take some time, and that dinner will likely be late, but it will be quite the feast.

During this brief respite, Garridan is approached by his dance partner from the FestivalShayliss Vinder, She says that the Sandpoint General store has a rat problem in the basement and that her father is too busy to deal with it. Unaware of Shayliss’ growing reputation as a flirt, Garridan unwittingly believes her and the two of them head off too the General store.


Looking for a way to sell off the spoils of war from the goblin raid, and goes to that very same general store. He and Ven strike a deal, and Ven has to go to the bank to get out a sum that large and says he will return shortly. It is during this brief window of being out that Shayliss and Garridan make it to the general store, slip past an unsuspecting Beuriss and into the basement of the general store. Garridan tries to look for the rats but to no avail, when he turns around, he finds shayliss to be as naked as the day she was born. Garridan happily reciprocates these advances as they make their way to the cot shayliss placed in the basement earlier. (+1 Lust point)

It is at this unfortunate juncture that Ven returns with the money. Ven hears some strange noises coming from the basement and he asks beuriss if he knows what they are. Beuriss, being the worlds singularly worst wing man ever, tells him the truth and says that his daughter slinked off with Garridan into the basement. Failing to hear the footsteps coming into the basement , the two miscreants are caught in the act. Garridan offers a feeble excuse , and manages to get on his underwear on before being chased out into the streets by the enraged father.

The pursuit is wild and chaotic but comes to an abrupt end when Garridan takes a wrong turn down a dead end alley and ven pummels the unfortunate young lover into bloody pulp.


First Session: Part 1
Fire and Festival!

And so at last our story begins!

We begin with our heroes meeting one another during the free lunch at the swallowtail festival held to commemorate the opening of the new cathedral

At this fateful table we have
Bueriss ‘Burly’ Stoneshed The Gunslinger Dwarf fresh off of caravan duty
Ferrendriel, the somber Human Warpriest with a dark past,
Garridan, The Vishkanya Ninja who hails from lands long away,
and Xenrell, The proud human wizard bent on uncovering the secrets of ancient Thassilon.

The skies are clear and the sun is bright for the festival in the City of Sandpoint, and people are enjoying the fun and games of the day.

Throughout the day there is all sorts of things, from woodcutting competitions, to archery competitions, pig chasing, dancing and hide and seek.

Bueriss ‘Burly’ Stoneshed makes a name for himself as the fastest dwarf in town when he manages to catch a greased up pig with a ring tied to it.

Meanwhile, Garridan shows off his dance skills, and catches the eye of many of the bachelorettes in town, especiallyShayliss Vinder

Some speeches from various leaders in the community begin the opening official opening of the Sandpoint cathedral. Mayor Kendra Daverin begins by expressing her excitement,Sheriff Hemlock darkens the mood with his always grim expression and mannerisms but is redeemed by the high energy speech and anecdotes ofCydrak Drokkus . Finally,Father Abstalar Zantus officially opens the cathedral with a ceremonial crack of a thunderstone.

But who could have predicted that the thunderstone would also be the signal for a full scale goblin raid to begin?

The festival quickly turns into full scale panic as the goblins overrun the square. Luckily our heroes are there to engage the green menace. The battle grows fiercer as Goblin warchanters and firestarters join the ranks of those in the first assault, but they are subdued with a combination of the Xenrell’s colour spray and lethal force by the others.

Just when things seem to be getting under control with Abstalar Zantus healing wounds, a shriek of pain comes from the north gate of the town.

After quickly tying up the goblins that weren’t dead, the party sets off for the north gate, where they find Aldern Foxglove surrounded by a goblin commando and his squad.

Astride his Goblin dog mount, the Commando seems to be a challenging foe,. Or at least he would have been if it weren’t for the high powered shot from the musket of Bueriss ‘Burly’ Stoneshed ripping through the mount and ending its life in a spectacular spray of gore. Much to the misfortune of Garridan, the viscera of what was once a goblin dog caused a strong allergic reaction with his skin upon contact. no longer mounted, the goblin commando is not much of a treat and is quickly slain.

With their leadership slain, the remaining goblins retreat and Sandpoint is safe once again.

…but for how long?

Planning session

Might as well Figure out how this shit works, so we can chronicle our autism for future generations when we eventually start playing.

All in all, we are all off to a good start.

Except this guy

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