Bueriss 'Burly' Stoneshed



Bueriss ‘Burly’ Stoneshed, Neutral Good Dwarf Gunslinger (HP:11) (Init: +2)

Languages: Common, Dwarven, Goblin

STR: 12 (1)
DEX: 15 (2)
CON: 13 (1)
INT: 12 (1)
WIS: 14 (2)
CHA: 9 (-1)

AC: 14
Touch: 12
FF: 12
CMD: 14

Fort: +3
Ref: +5
Will: +2

Trained Skills:
Craft (Alchemy) 5
Intimidate 3
Kn (Engineering/Local) 5
Profession: Merchant 6
Ride 6
Survival 6


Bueriss was born to a merchant family in Magnimar that dealt mostly in the business of transporting goods and handling specific orders, no matter the size. Born the fourth son of eventually nine children, Bueriss’ expected involvement with the family business was low and limited to the lower rungs of positions reserved for family members. His uncle, the black sheep of Bueriss’ mother’s side of the family, had been through a similar situation and decided that if Bueriss wanted more out of life, he would give it to him.

His uncle, Grimaun, was the second son, and destined to be involved very closely with the business. But he did not want that life, to live in the shadows of his brother and the family name, so he went a different path for his involvement with the family business and became the head of security, spending most of his time with the major caravans, protecting them as they went on their business, and handling the major transactions, being the ranking member of the business on those caravans. And so his family, and eventually Bueriss’ mother’s family regarded him with respect, but also caution and a small amount of derision.

Bueriss’ education, as he grew, began to be less of business and scholarly pursuits, and more survival in the world, and ‘real skills’ as Grimaun would say. He learned to shoot his uncle’s musket, to survive with as little as possible, and picked up on his uncle’s traits too. When Grimaun was traveling the world, he sampled as much of it as he could, in anyway possible, mostly to excess. So Bueriss picked up on some of these, but also had his uncle to guide him to a road less severe. Other traits he shared with his uncle came from how his family began treating him, especially his father, who only acknowledged Grimaun when necessary, and although low on his priority, felt that Bueriss’ path was the wrong one and attempted to steer him back in the early years, but Bueriss’ stubbornness won that battle, along with the patient mind and heart of his mother.

Grimaun hired Bueriss on to the company when he felt he had enough experience to begin traveling as a caravan guard, and to act as a minor official for company business. Although he was hired on, his youth and family ties made it difficult for Bueriss to earn respect amongst the other workers and guards in the company, until during one of his first trips he was able to repel an ambush from a goblin scouting party and warn the caravan of the main war band that, had they been taken unaware, would most likely have left the camp devastated.

Bueriss grew to be a respected member of the company, even amongst those who worked at desks scratching away at endless numbers.He maintained working for the company for many years, until his uncle grew too ill to even leave his bed. When Bueriss received word of this, he was on the road, miles away from Magnimar. Leaving the caravan and a very confused and tired caravan guard with hasty instructions in the middle of the night, he charged off to Magnimar. When he arrived at Grimaun’s house, his uncle berated him severely for leaving his duty, but was also very happy to see his nephew in his final days. Bueriss stayed in that house for weeks until his uncle passed. Grimaun made Bueriss promise him that he would go out and see the world for himself, and he gave Bueriss a pack full of gear, his musket, and two envelopes: one addressed to Bueriss’ father detailing all his possessions and that they were now the company’s property (excluding what he gave to Bueriss, which were also listed), and one to Daverin Hosk, an old friend of Grimaun. Bueriss asked his uncle what the second letter was for, and his uncle told him that it was a twice-damned favour to help Bueriss begin his adventures.

After Grimaun passed and he delivered the letter to his father, along with a notice of leave for an indeterminate amount of time (to which his father responded: “Consider it permanent”.) and he set of for Sandpoint and the Goblin Squash Stables.

A Short Story about Bueriss

Bueriss shambled through the darkening forest, with the light of the caravan’s campfire shining through the thick leaves and trees, and the hum of evening activity dimming as he went forward.

“There’s nothin’ for yeh to do here Bueriss! Just tend to yer paperwork Bueriss!” he rambled, spitting occasionally in anger “Sendin’ me off ta gather kindlin’ and wood in tha forest because that’s where tha good stuff is!”
His excitment from being able to travel as a guard with the caravan had been diminshing with each trip, with the lack of respect from the others leaving an increasingly sour taste in his mouth and sour attitude. He wanted to do something on these trips other than act as a minor representative, which was his main job and guarding was second, but they treated him as some dainty flower. He thought being hired on rather than being given the job as a family member would give him at least a smidgen of respect, but no, it seemed to do the opposite. This was in fact the first task he had been given to do as a guard, and it was nothing more than an excuse to get him from bothering everyone at the camp, trying to help.

As he trudged grudgingly along, gathering kindling and wood for the fire, not even bothering to split them up with the axe he had been given to use, there was a slight snap and crackle of movement behind him. Bueriss didn’t bother to even turn around when he sighed.

“If yeh think ah can’t do tha job properly, then why’d you even send me out here ta fiddle about!?”
His concern only raised when those sounds reached his ears from all around him, and then his concern only showed when he spun around and faced the goblin behind him. He threw the sack of wood at the goblin and immediately swung the wood axe down the goblin’s skull, which even facing the wrong way had the same effect. The goblin had enough time to screech and signal to the other four goblins that were stalking Bueriss. They, along with Bueriss, leaped in confusion. Dwarf shoulder met goblin stomach, and the shoulder fared better overall, with the goblin having it’s wind knocking straight out of it. As Bueriss untangled himself from the goblin, he quipped to himself that if he had more skill than luck perhaps he wouldn’t need to prove himself to anyone. The standing goblins put their brief respite to better use surprisingly, surrounding Bueriss and forming a tiny whirlwind of teeth, blades, and claws. Small as these things were, they were both sharp and numerous and Bueriss was in such pain that he decided he had enough of that and bull rushed his way out of the circle, taking a goblin with him. The momentum took them both to a tree, and the goblin found itself between a rock and a hard place, the rock being Bueriss (no racism intended), and the tree being the hard place, now serving goblin jam. Now free to swing his axe, the goblin who had lost his breath now found it, and with yelled out something near unintelligible to Bueriss as it jumped at him and connected with the axe head.

Now, while Bueriss was no expert at the Goblin language, this one decided to try some Common words, such as “killy”, “beardies”, and “much much gobs”. As poor this attempt was, Bueriss was able to decipher the message just in time to hear more rustling and see more goblins in the forest. Bueriss began running back to what he hoped was the camp, ignoring his wounds, which were continuously being added to by goblins attempting to stop him, but his adrenaline was up and pumping and he soon left the goblins far enough behind to not be worried about them clawing him, but worried enough that if he tripped he would die. Soon he saw light amidst the trees and the leaves, and barreled into camp and yelled out a warning and collapsed on the ground.

Grimaun lay in his bed, recalling the tale that the lad had told him when he came back, all bandaged and beaming. head swollen with pride and a nasty bump. That was when he knew the lad would be alright in the world without Grimaun there to guide him, and that was the last time he really worried about Bueriss. Of course he couldn’t let him know that and acted as he always did when someone told him how well Bueriss was doing or when Bueriss accomplished something and came running to tell him, with a stony demeanor a few words saying that he did exactly as what was expected of him. But he did deeply care for the lad, and only he and Bueriss’ mother knew that. He coughed once or twice and it turned into a whole fit of them. Bueriss poked his head into the room.
“Are yeh alright there Nuncle?”
“Aye lad, just fine. Just a bit thirsty is all.”
“Well then I’ll grab yeh some firewhiskey to go with tha rabbit I caught then.”
“Right fine then lad.”
Bueriss went back to the kitchen to check on the rabbit. Grimaun’s gaze wandered to the fine axe Bueriss propped up by the bed and he reached for it, shaking hands clasping around it. Weak and ill as he was, he could still hold it true and he inspected it in the light of the candle by his bed. A beautiful weapon, raised from a lowly wood axe to this. Grimaun had the wood axe remade into a battle axe worthy of any dwarf, and given it to Bueriss officially as a bonus, and unofficially as a gift. Well used as any weapon should be, but well kept as any weapon should also be. Bueriss entered the room bearing their meal and a bottle of firewhisky.
“Have I been doing a fine job keepin’ her pretty Nuncle?”
“Aye lad, that you have. Now put that stuff aside for a tick. There’s somethin’ that needs to be discussed while I still have breath in my lungs…”

Bueriss 'Burly' Stoneshed

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